Lycon Hot Wax

Renowned as the world leader in waxing technologies, Lycon wax allows for quick application, extra strong grip and no skin drag or sticky residue. The result is that Lycon treatment is comparatively less painful than strip waxing, and hair as short as 1 mm can be removed. This technique uses super-thin strips and the wax is a complementary blend of natural aromatherapy ingredients, where the specially chosen conditioning and therapy oils allow for total comfort and satisfaction.

Full Face & Neck:£35.00

Full Face:£30.00

Upper Lips:£8.00

Lower Lips:£5.00

Lycon Strip Wax

All Lycon Strip Waxes use the same formula; however they have their own individual colours and aromatherapy ingredients. With the beneficial properties of soothing and cooling Aloe Vera - it is perfect for sensitive skin. Exceptional grip, yet leaves skin silky smooth and comfortable.



Full Legs:£25.00

Full Arms:£20.00

Strip Wax

For strip waxing, a classic all purpose honey wax designed for the removal of body and facial hair is carefully applied as a thin layer onto the skin using a wooden spatula, which coats the hair in the wax. A strip is then placed atop the wax and smoothed down, before being pulled firmly and quickly in the opposite direction of the hair growth. This lifts the hair from the root, leaving a clean and smooth finish.

Full Face (inc. eyebrows):£23.00

Full Legs£20.00


Full Body:£60.00

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